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The YBFs sets out to shine a light on the rising stars of the British food and drink industry.

Now in our sixth year, the YBFs judges are on the hunt for the next wave of talent. Chefs, producers, farmers, mixologists, waiters, front-of-house superstars – whatever the passion point, we want to find the next master of it. If you know someone (or are someone) with a culinary skill that needs to be recognised, we want to hear about it.

Tomos Parry
Winner, Chef of the Year

"The YBFs really does celebrate new and visionary talent from the food and drink world. Winning has given me some great opportunities and undoubtedly helped my career. It’s been a pleasure working alongside the other YBFs winners"

About Us

Founded by Amy Thorne (founder of TASTE PR), national food journalist Chloe Scott-Moncrieff and Lily Jones (AKA Lily Vanilli), the YBFs was set up to fill a gap in the food and drink awards space. No other body exists to recognise the grassroots talent of the industry – the unsung heroes and the up-and-coming visionaries. Today, its alumni is a list of culinary rock stars from up and down the country.

Categories & Judges

Front of House

NEW is our exciting Front of House category. Sommeliers, managers, waiters and maitre d’/reception, get entering! Inspired by our top judges, Natalia Ribbe of Eighty Six list, Sandia Chang of Bubbledogs and Joanne Searley of JKS restaurants (the award winning restaurant group, including Trishna, Gymkhana, Lyle's & Bao), we want to give the restaurant frontline recognition for the great work they do.

Food Sharing

Celebrating British food and drink through social media, our lauded panel of judges includes Melissa Hemsley of Hemsley and Hemsley, who is well known for sharing beautiful recipes and inspiring content, Clerkenwell Boy whose unerring support of the country's best food and drink businesses has done much to support, and Phoebe Hurst, UK Editor of MUNCHIES, VICE's food and drink channel renowned for inspiring culinary coverage from a youth-driven perspective.


Previous finalists of the young chefs category include the legendary Tom Sellers, Fred Smith, Tomos Parry, Giles and Matthew Pennington, but where are the girls? Innovative chefs, you might be stuck in the kitchen 24/7, but take 5mins to enter our category and you could get a chance to seriously raise your culinary profile. Or pals, get nominating.


Calling all real bread bakers and pioneering cake-makers, this is your chance to shout about what you’re doing.


From innovative cocktail-shakers to DIY spirit-creators, past winners include The Ethicurean’s Jack Bevan and Dishoom’s Carl Brown. Mixologists, producers, curators and drinks buffs get entering now.

Street Food

Although the truck or stall and your perfectionist approach to food all contribute to your strength in this category, the pavement remains your pride and joy - street-food has never been so exciting. We’re looking for mobile movers and shakers from across the UK, not just London.


British charcutiers and butchers, smokers and BBQers, farmers, smallholders, come hither! The meat category is a chance for you to show off your produce and skills, whether it’s rarebreed lamb you’re farming or a ham you’re making more skillfully than the Spanish, French or Italians put together. As leading French butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec says, le rosbif is the world’s best.


A new category two years ago, The Modern Salad Grower of Cornwall won the debut award. Open to absolutely anyone doing wonderful stuff with the humble vegetable.


After high demand and an onslaught of email requests, we rustled this up for those of you that don’t fit into the other sections. So far we’ve had cheese-makers, smoked salmon producers, ice-cream connoisseurs and whole kaleidoscope of food and drink craftsmen and women enter. It's the wildcard.

Fresh Voices in Food Writing

Launched by the lauded Guardian restaurant critic Marina O’Loughlin and in the past judged by leading food journalists including Yotam Ottolenghi, Tracey MacLeod, Fay Maschler and of course Marina, bloggers and journalists this is the opportunity to get your words heard.

If you'd like to talk about anything to do with the YBFs, just get in touch