We’ve got a terrific track record of partnering with other like-minded organisations who put the same value on creativity and collaboration that we do.

Partnership is about working together and making something we couldn’t do alone. If you want to find out what we could do together, just get in touch.

Work We've Done

The YBFs x TATE / Guest residency at Late at the Tate

2014 Chef Winner, Tomos Parry, worked with the Tate Food team to create and curate a three course menu celebrating all of that year’s winners and, of course, the wonderful partnership with Tate.

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The YBFs x MULBERRY / Cara Delevingne’s birthday picnic

Mulberry asked us to help them put a midsummer picnic on for Cara’s birthday in a walled garden in the grounds of the estate where the Wilderness festival was going on. 2013 Chef Winner, Giles Clark, really went to town on the hampers.

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The YBFs x MULBERRY / The British Garden at LFW

To mark their Spring/Summer 2015 collection launch, Mulberry briefed us to design and create beautiful, show-stopping party food on a British Garden theme.

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The YBFs x TASTE OF LONDON / Skills Theatre

Our YBF alumni took the stage at the Skills Theatre at Taste of London in May 2014 alongside food luminaries such as Rene Redzepi and Michel Roux Jr.

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In 2012 and 2013, Camp Bestival asked us to run a rocking food tent, packed full of YBFs, fantastic food, good times and good tunes. And not a splash of mud in sight.